We LOVE East Forest Park and Our Volunteers!
East Forest Park Civic Association
April 28th 8-12
Nathan Bill’s Bar&Restaurant
We LOVE East Forest Park and Our Volunteers!
You Should Be One!
Stop in to hear more at the EFP Clean up.

The East Forest Park Civic Association helps focus on the health, public safety, and quality of life of issues for its residents. We also host many community activities throughout the year.

Without our volunteers we could not do everything we do for the community. Our extraordinary, dedicated volunteers are so important to our organization!
Guess what? We can always use more help. How great would it feel to help clean up our neighborhood on a sunny day? Or work a special event that provides free entertainment to our community? There are so many ways you can help as a volunteer – from getting down and dirty to clerical work and helping post on nextdoor or the website,. And we appreciate every bit of help we can get.
If you would like to know more, send us a message and one of our volunteers will reach out and discuss how you can help.

Thank You,
East Forest Park Civic Association

Great American Clean-up!!

Come join us in East Forest Park Civic Association at the Great American Clean-up!! Thanks to Jerry SullivanJoseph Sullivan , John Sullivan , Robbie Gossman TSMobile TS Mobile AccessoriesAnthony Shukes Jr.at Nathan Bill’s Bar&Restaurant and the Thomas J Sullivan Family for hosting.

Saturday April 28th

8-9 Coffee on Nathan Bill’s Patio, Sign Up Sheets, Bags and Gloves
9-12 Clean areas of your choice – in EFP.
12-1 Pizza on the Patio at Nathan Bill’s! Sponsored by TS Mobile Accessories.

Come out and meet your neighbors and have some fun making a difference!

Trash Bags and Gloves will be provided by Keep Springfield Beautiful. https://www.keepspringfieldbeautiful.org

We can not do it without you! Please contact me with any questions!
For more information please email: Beth Hogan at efpofficers@gmail.com if you would like to sponsor or help.

Together Everyone Achieves More….GO TEAM EFP! For more information about East Forest Park check us out at: http://eastforestpark.us/